AK School: A Private Trust – run School

AK School, CBSE is a co-educational school managed by Saraswathi Kandasamy Educational Charitable Trust, founded by (late) K.P. Kandasamy who became the Honourable Minister for Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowment in 1989 and performed his duties in a way that was widely acclaimed. After his demise in 1994, his son Thiru. K. Kumaran took responsibility for the Trust activities and is the present Chairman of the School. The trust established Anitha Kumaran Matriculation school in 1990 at Thandupathu. The school has been running successfully for the last thirty three years. Based on the present need and requests from the parents of school going children of the locality, the trust has decided to start a CBSE school too. AK School (CBSE) started functioning from April 2023 and is in the process of getting affiliation.



The school is located in Perumal Nadarpuram, Manadu Thandupathu panchayat, Udangudi, a small village lying 15 K.M. to the southwest of the famous Lord Subramanya Swamy temple, Tiruchendur, and 6 K.M. to the north of Kulasekaranpatnam, once a small port 90 K.M. to the north of Kanyakumari, the southern point of our country.

Out of the total land area of 47.77 acres owned by the Trust, an extent of 8.03 acres has been set apart exclusively for the school.

Why Choose us


Chairman and Managing Trustee:

Thiru. K. Kumaran, is the life – time Chairman and Managing Trustee ever since the inception of the Trust, Sarasuwathi Kandasamy Educational Institution.

He was born on 12.01.1966 as the son of Thiru. K.P. Kandasamy and Tmty Sarasuwathi, the daughter of Si.Pa. Aditanar, acclaimed as ‘Thamizhar Thanthai’.

He had a very brilliant academic career starting with his schooling in Don Bosco Matriculation School, Chennai and Montford School in Erkad and his graduation in Mechanical Engineering from Guindy Engineering College, Anna University. He secured his M.B.A. degree from Duck University, North Carolina, USA.

Managing Trustee:

His wife, Mrs. Anita Kumaran, is the daughter of (late) Padmashri Dr. B. Sivanthi Aditanar, renowned for his contributions for the promotion of education, spiritual and charitable endowments and sports promotion at the state national and international levels. She is a Trustee of S.K.E.I and is keenly interested in India Works Orgainzation, meant for the empowerment of the less privileged and semi – educated women folk in villages.


Our School whole – heartedly dedicates itself to the new participative learning method which will replace the passive learning by the students who are forced to learn by rote.

Students will be encouraged to take active participation in the class through raising questions to clear their doubts. They will be encouraged to express different points of view on a given topic presented in the class. They will be taught how to use the library to seek for information to foster the habit of reading. Programmed – learning from teaching modules and the language laboratory will offer them scope for multi – media learning.

The language lab will enable them to develop their spoken English proficiency effectively. Group discussions and debates will offer greater opportunities for improving their spoken language ability both in English and in Tamil.

Special attention will be paid to the use of the science laboratories to inculcate in them the scientific temperament. The project works will train them to gain experiential learning through trial and error. Equal importance will be given to sports for all and scope for developing team games for promoting team spirit and team work. Co – curricular and Extracurricular activities will focus on bringing out the artistic skill and the histrionic talent of the students.

All the varied methods of learning kept at the disposal of the students will aim at building their personality and the individual worth in them.


The School will be guided by Swami Vivekananda’s concept of ‘man –making education’.

The school aims at making the students develop self – reliance besides academic excellence to continue their higher education or branch out for seeking new and challenging careers with a competitive spirit fostered through their learning experience in the school.


The syllabus prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi is followed. Tamil, our Mother Tongue, is compulsory for all. Hindi is also taught upto Std. VIII by qualified special teachers in Hindi.

The ambience of the school for the students:

  • To secure a healthy liberal, secular and sound general education. * To develop character and responsible behavior. * To nurture, self – confidence and a true sense of citizenship.
  • To have a congenial and pleasant atmosphere for the ‘Tiny Tots’ and to enjoy the play way method of learning.
  • To benefit from Individual attention which childhood and adolescence needs which is available in ample measure on the campus.