AK school has been established with the aim of serving rural students of the locality and giving them opportunities to acquire necessary skills to meet the ever-growing demands of the future. With this intention Mrs. and Mr. K.P.K. Kumaran (former MP, Raja Sabha) have come up with an innovative plan to build and develop a CBSE school with good infrastructure facilities and modern technologies to meet the aspirations of the young learners of the area. In achieving this vision, he is assisted by educational experts, who have decades of experience in building and nurturing successful schools. Well-trained and caring teachers facilitate learning leading to educational excellence.


Our vision is to nourish the students of rural areas to develop attitudes for becoming lifelong learners and acquire skills to meet the challenges of the future. To give them global exposure and at the same time to help them understand and appreciate our traditions and values.


Adopt a holistic approach to learning, giving equal importance to academics, sports, other creative pursuits and improving life skills. To assist the students in imbibing proper social, ethical, moral and spiritual values and to develop respect for all forms of life. To provide quality education at an affordable price.

  • Chairman’s Message
  • I am happy to be able to assist the students of Thandupathu and its surrounding areas, especially of the area in which our school is located, in their educational journey. The school education should aim at making children capable of becoming active, caring, responsible and contributing members of the society. Today information is everywhere and sources of knowledge are also aplenty. So, we need to develop in our students the ability to analyse, interpret, question and investigate   to acquire true learning. We want our students to participate actively in academic process through interactive learning. We also firmly believe that the school years are crucial for development of good habits and strong character which are building blocks of excellence in life. My aim is to make schooling a rewarding experience for the learners and make them future ready.

    The challenges are many especially for rural students. Only through enabling the students to process the available information, to differentiate between desirable and undesirable and helping them through imparting modern education laced with traditional core values, we can empower the students. The real tool to acquire   and possess is thinking ability. We need to help our kids develop an attitude and love for learning, sense of responsibility and ability to make the right use of freedom in order to grow as excellent human beings.

    I take this opportunity to wish the students of AKS success in all their endeavours. 


    AK School, Thandupathu

  • From the desk of Academic Adviser Cum Senior Principal
  • I am delighted to become a part of AK School. It is one more of the few starting schools I have got associated with. There are a few things to learn and relearn whenever I take up a new assignment. Here too I am learning the new academic environment and focusing attention on developing the learning skills of our students. We are developing a curriculum and pedagogy to improve the critical thinking abilities of our students. The students are no longer a mere listener or learner, but an active participant in the academic process through interactive learning. The students are expected to come up with new innovative ideas to solve existing, emerging and unforeseen problems. The school environment is stress free. We want the students to explore the nature and content of books on their own and develop a love of reading. The teachers are here to help them understand the concepts and help them apply their mind to come up with new ideas.

    Our whole intention is to make the students of AKS feel thirsty for learning so that they grow with the right attitude to become lifelong learners and possess the required skills for leading happy and successful lives.

    N. Madhusudan
    Academic Adviser/Senior Principal
    AK School

  • From principal's desk
  • An ideal system of education should aim at balanced growth of the individual and insist on knowledge, wisdom and character building. It is gratifying to learn that AK School promotes students’ participation in all the school activities and foster intellectual, social and cultural growth. By taking part in events and activities, students can increase their confidence, courage, creativity, self-worth and their enterprising nature. Thus, school life is very precious for everyone and it is a time during which one would shape his/her future life.

    Mrs. V.Sathiyakala