The construction of the main block consisting of 20 rooms is completed. There is a separate block for kindergarten with play area and other facilities. The classrooms are spacious, airy and well ventilated. AKS started functioning with one section in each class and plan to expand in to three sections over a period of time.  There is a digital board in each class room to facilitate learning and to make use of technology in the learning process.

The school is well equipped with labs for physics, chemistry, biology and computer. It has a well stacked library to develop the reading habits of the students. The students will also have access to digital content online.

There is a provision for supplying RO purified drinking water for the students. There are enough clean toilets and wash area in the school for the staff & students. AK School has a large playground with a football court, volley ball court, cricket net practice pitches, a cricket field and a 6 lane 200-meter track running around the playground.

The Facilities

Main Block

Math lab




Play Ground